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Best Practices for Data Center Access Control

Securing the data center is a very important thing, but it is not so easy for enterprises to do. Because it usually depends on the location of the data center.

A data center is where information is stored, and it can be on-site, elsewhere, or managed by a third-party provider. Since the data center contains all the information related to the business, it is often a target for hackers. To prevent cybersecurity breaches, it is also necessary to protect the physical security of the data center with an access control system.

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Access control list

This is one of the most effective and fundamental ways to secure a data center. All companies should operate under a “zero trust” security philosophy. Therefore, it is very important that the access control system has the function of flexible authorization.

The Vanma smart lock can be flexibly authorized. Only the key authorized by the administrator has permission to unlock, otherwise, it will prompt the unlocking failure when unlocking. In this way, unauthorized people can be prevented from accessing the data center, which greatly improves the security of the data center.


More and more companies are realizing the value of video surveillance. Because it can prevent accidents from happening. When security guards see suspicious people in front of the data center, they can inform nearby patrolling people to check to avoid accidents.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication can further prevent accidents. Because some criminals may steal the keys of authorized employees. Without a second verification, it’s likely to get them right.

In the Vanma smart lock system, managers can choose a fingerprint key. Fingerprint verification is also required before employees can unlock the lock. This avoids the possibility of others stealing the key.

Unlock record

After an accident, the lock or unlock record can help people find who damaged the data center as soon as possible.

The Vanma smart lock system can record who unlocks which lock at what time. When an accident occurs, managers can find the corresponding staff according to the records and ask about the situation. This can help companies and police find criminal suspects in the first place. And, when there is a record of unlocking failure, it will also appear in the system. Managers can find the corresponding employees, inquire about the situation, and determine whether the keys have been stolen.

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