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Best Padlock Types for Gym Lockers

Best Padlock Types for Gym Lockers

When we talk about gyms, you may be more concerned about the fitness equipment, but in reality, security is also an important factor. No one would want to keep an eye on their locker at all times during a workout.

To protect our property and to avoid distractions on our way to the gym, it is essential to choose a good gym padlock.

For gym customers

If you go to a gym that does not provide locks, then you will need to bring a padlock of your own. At the gym, you usually have three options: combination padlock, key padlock, and fingerprint lock.

Combination Padlock

The advantage of a combination padlock is that you don’t have to carry a key with you, you just need to remember the combination.

combination padlock

Key Padlock

Key padlocks are common, but the tricky part is that you need a garment with pockets. Or you can consider a wristband that holds your locker keys so you can reduce the risk of losing them while swimming or exercising.

If you choose a keyed padlock, then do not buy a low-cost lock as these usually come with many key duplicates and maybe even someone else in the gym has a key that will open your padlock.

Key padlock

Fingerprint Padlock

Fingerprint locks are also not required to carry keys. And these locks can only be opened by fingerprint-authenticated people, making them more secure than combination padlocks and keyed padlocks.

If you are looking for a more secure padlock, then this fingerprint padlock is a good choice. You can buy it from Amazon.

The lock body is made of zinc metal, which is stronger and more durable, as well as more secure. And it has an IP65 protection rating, so it can recognize fingerprints even if it gets wet with water.

For gym owners

Gyms may attract more customers if they can provide locks. After all, bringing their own locks is a huge hassle, and customers are likely to forget the padlock they took after finishing their workout.

For cost reasons, key padlocks are definitely the way to go. The staff can give the customer the key and padlock when he enters the gym. Then, when the customer leaves, have him return the key and lock.

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