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Best Electronic Locking System for Power Security Management

Electronic locking system refers to a complete system of lock system management software, electronic locks, and electronic keys, which complement each other. Electronic locking system have a wide range of applications, and are also divided into home-level and industrial-level. Industrial-grade electronic locks are mainly used in electric power, chemical industry, warehousing, telecommunications, banking and other industries for security management.

electronic locking system

Current Situation of Power Industry

The electric power industry refers to fields related to electric power, including generation, transmission, distribution, and sales of electric power by enterprises to the public and industry.
With the development of society, the demand for electricity is increasing. At the same time, there are many problems in the management of power.

The most difficult problems at present are mainly:
* Electricity theft, and man-made damage to electric facilities
* Inability to effectively manage electric utility patrolmen

The commonly adopted solution is to use locks and patrols to reduce losses. Therefore, the management of locks and the management of patrol personnel are the main points that users should pay attention to.

Vanma Electronic Locking System

Vanma locks are industrial electronic locks launched by JWM for 22 years, including padlocks, cam locks, cabinet locks and more. The original intention of Vanma lock was to help public and industrial industries such as electricity, telecommunications, hospitals, and banks to solve security management problems.

Vanma lock

Electronic Locking System for Power Industry

When a customer in the power industry finds us, we first ask the customer about the overall process of the current patrol management, and help the customer analyze all the problems that exist.
Ultimately, all security management problems of customers will be solved in the lock system we provide.

Unlock Authorization Management

Customers ask:
How do we control the specific unlocking personnel to prevent unauthorized personnel from unlocking?

Our answer:
The Vanma lock system can manage the unlocking authority hierarchically, and the patrolman must request permission from a higher-level manager.
Higher-level manager can control each lock to be opened or not allowed to be opened.

Electronic lock system patrol

Supervise Unlock and Lock Times

Customers ask:
How do we know the specific patrol unlock time and specific location of each patrolman?

Our answer:
When the patrolman receives the electronic key, every unlocking time and place will be recorded to the Vanma lock system.
Managers can easily export data reports and trace responsibilities to specific patrollers.

Electronic lock system

Supervising Patrolman Attendance

Customers ask:
How to solve the replacement of patrols between patrolmen?

Our answer:
Vanma electronic key has fingerprint authentication function. It can easily solve the phenomenon of replacing patrol.

Fingerprint electronic key

Electronic Key Power Supply

Customers ask:
How to keep the outdoor electronic lock permanently charged?

Our answer:
Why keep the lock permanently charged? We only need to provide power when unlocking. There is no power supply inside the Vanma electronic lock. The electronic key has a built-in battery to power and operate the lock.
The advantage is that it saves electricity costs and ensures the safety of the outdoor lock body.

Vanma lock

In addition to the lock models on our website, we can customize the appearance of the lock body according to the needs of customers.
And, we provide functionality and display language customization, addressing all the barriers to your usage.
Contact us to learn more about Vanma locks.