Base Station Intelligent Electronic Lock Access Control System

◆ An ordinary lock corresponds to a key. Site operation usually requires multiple locations to unlock the lock, so it is necessary to take multiple keys out of the door, thus low efficiency.

◆ Lock against theft, once the key is lost or malicious copy, all the site of the door lock, cabinet lock will be useless, assets, equipment, no security.

◆ Assets and equipment stolen, lock normal, responsibility is difficult to trace.

Intelligent electronic lock management system, with Internet + thinking, intelligent management of lock control, the use of intelligent lock with the recording function of switch and lock, can identify the identity of the manager of the smart key and cloud service management system, effectively solve the current lock control management problems.

The economic value
Keys lost, stolen or copied without changing locks, saving costs; No power needed lock, low operating cost; The staff with the key can reach the designated target area according to the instructions at any time, timely and efficient.

Safety value
Prevent unauthorized entry and improve security; Effectively monitor work flow on site and regulate staff behavior; Real-time control of illegal access to the target area and real alarm information.

Management value
Ensure safe and stable operation of equipment, improve service quality and customer satisfaction; To improve the development of intelligent and advanced locks; Make locks safer, more convenient and smarter.

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