Bank Safety Deposit Box Doesn’t Guarantee the Safety?

Depositing valuables or documents in the safe of the bank for safekeeping is a choice made by many people out of trust in the bank’s security system.

“We thought that the safe deposit box in the bank was the safest place. We never thought that a few thousand dollor would be lost,” Ms. Lee said helplessly.

She immediately reported to the bank. While expressing sympathy and investigating, the person in charge of the bank also said that all guests who rent a safe deposit box in the bank have signed an agreement. One of the most important provisions is that guests are prohibited from storing cash in safes. The bank also stated that If you store it yourself in violation of regulations, the bank will not be responsible in case of loss.

In desperation, Ms. Lee could only call the police. Ms. Lee said that because of her high trust in the bank, she has rented a safe in the bank for more than ten years and has never had any problems. She feels that the bank is much safer than her own home. She never thought that a few thousand yuan would disappear.

The bank said that the usual practice for customers to rent a safe deposit box is that each safe has two keys, one of which is controlled by the user and the other is managed by the bank. The safe deposit box can be unlocked only when the keys are used at the same time. In other words, neither the bank nor the customer alone can unlock the safe. And every time a customer uses the safe, the bank will record it.

Perhaps most people do not know that bank safe deposit box are not insured unless the parties purchase additional insurance from a third-party insurance company. The liability of the bank under the lease agreement is quite limited. There are many similar incidents. The cash, jewelry, and valuable documents stored in the bank safe deposit box disappear without a trace. The detection rate of such cases is extremely low, and even the police are often helpless.

How to avoid the theft of personal property in the bank safe deposit box?

First of all, to the bank, customers choose to sign a custody agreement with the bank out of trust in the bank. Banks are obliged to ensure their safety, and in the event of a theft, the bank’s creditworthiness will be greatly reduced.

The safe deposit box locks that banks have always used have great security loopholes: because the keys of the safe are provided by the bank, it is impossible to determine whether the keys are backed up; artificially recording customer usage, and it is impossible to know exactly who has unlocked the safe deposit box. Because of this, it is impossible to determine the responsibility for the accident in the event of theft.

Therefore, in order to solve such hidden dangers, intelligent electronic lock system can be applied to the bank safe deposit box. When using the intelligent electronic lock system, the administrator can set the unlocking authority through the management software, and set that only the customer and the specific bank staff can unlock the lock.

Since the system uses an electronic key, there is no need to worry about the key being copied. Whenever the customer opens the safe, there is no need to manually record the unlocking record. The unlocking record is kept in the key. In the event of a theft, you can use the unlock record in the management software to find the person responsible.

Secondly, to personal, to store important documents and valuables, you must keep a list of items. Every time a customer unlocks the bank safe deposit box to take or store his belongings, it is best to take a photo and leave evidence, and then make compensation to the bank based on the problem. Try to deposit cash in a bank deposit account, not in a safe deposit box. Unlike money in a savings account, cash in a safe is not in the scope of security protection. In addition, you can also add extra premiums to your safe, increase the protection of the finances in the bank safe deposit box.

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