Bank Cash Box Management Operation Process

In the operation and management of a bank outlet, the opening and closing of teller cash box, cash transfer allocation box, precious metal box, receipt safekeeping box and seal box business boxes, handover and supervision, as well as smart teller machines, employee safes, self-service deposit and withdrawal machines in the outlet hall are all the top priorities for the management of a bank outlet.


The Role of Passive Locks

In order to adapt to the bank cash management information requirements, and in order to cooperate with the intensive cash management and the smooth implementation of socialized escort transfer work, completely solve the risk control and post-responsibility definition in the process of sorting, escort, cash addition in the clearing machine, cash transfer in the branch and collection. The person in charge of the bank can introduce the passive lock management system for the whole system record management of escort and cash depository operations of the bank.

Vanma Passive Lock

The intelligent passive lock system can authorize the electronic key to open the lock with special software and record the unlock event, such as “YY lock in the box of XX important equipment was opened by Li at 2019-12-26 10:08:46”, which provides a strong basis for the event analysis.

Apply scenarios using smart locks

Escort handover operation Process:

The supervisor of the escort company (the supervisor of the Treasury) shall formulate the task, designate the corresponding escort personnel, and the corresponding network number. After the escort personnel arrives at the network, the supervisor of the network will log in to the system to receive the task.

Operation process of cash deposit box:

The branch manager can choose the check mode (who closes and who opens) in the cycle (according to the specific date, week and long term) according to the business demand, and assign the staff of the branch with the right to open the lock;

The manager and the teller shall open the padlock within their respective authority and the money box shall be opened for business on a daily basis within a period according to their respective authority;

After the business ends, the teller and the supervisor lock the boxes together and hand them over to the escort personnel;

Solve Problems

> Solve the complex key management problem from the root, and the best thing for the whole network is to be equipped with only one locking tool.

> There is no need to make handover registration for this lockpicking tool in daily work.

> One-time investment, long-term use, lock with the box, optimize and save.

> System authorization, flexible distribution of authority, and whole-process system record management. Effectively achieve the management requirements of pre-control and post-supervision.

> The system is easy to deploy and operate.

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