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Are You Looking for a Smart Outdoor Gate Lock?

If you are looking for a smart outdoor gate lock, congratulations, you have found the most helpful article. In the first few pages of search engines, many articles give lists of the best smart outdoor gate lock products, but they just introduce these products without saying why. This article will start with the considerations in choosing a smart outdoor gate lock.

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What should we consider in choosing a smart outdoor gate lock?

  • First of all, almost all smart gate locks can generally restrict unrelated people from entering the locked area, which are mainly divided into these methods: fingerprints, passwords, and access cards. Both fingerprints and passwords are at risk of being stolen, and once the access card is lost, the gate lock will also have major security risks.
fingerprint smart lock
access card
  • Secondly, the current smart locks on the market can be divided into power supply type and battery supply type. Once the wire is damaged or the battery is out of power, the gate lock also has potential risks.
  • Finally, outdoor gate locks also have higher requirements for the material of the lock body, and the lock needs to be able to better deal with the bad weather outdoors.

Vanma is a specialized smart lock manufacturer, and in order to solve the above problems, the company has carried out thousands of improvements inside. At present, Vanma smart locks have been tried out in State Power, major communication operators and other companies, and have won unanimous praise from customers. Therefore, we can tell you for sure that the Vanma passive smart lock is a cost-effective smart outdoor gate lock.

Why is the Vanma passive smart lock recommended for you?

  1. Vanma passive smart lock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. That only can be unlocked after the password verification is successful by the smart key. Besides, only the person who has the unlock permission can unlock the lock by fingerprint.
  2. The key can record the data of unlocking, including the time and person.
  3. Inevitably, the smart key will be lost, just add the key to the blacklist in the management software.
  4. It has no keyhole, which can prevent magnetic unlocking and technical unlocking.
  5. No power is needed, no need to install wires or batteries.
  6. The lock is a full steelshell, durable, waterproof, shockproof.
  7. A variety of usages, it can be used not only on the gate of the home, but also in safes, offices, warehouses and other places.

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