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Are Smart Locks Worth The Investment?

Are Smart Locks Worth The Investment?


Nowadays, the increasing demand for security is the main reason why smart locks continue to develop and progress. To enhance the security of homes and workplaces, smart locks have become one of the most popular choices. Just because smart locks tend to be more secure and convenient. But they are not without their flaws. So are smart locks worth the investment? In this article, the advantages and disadvantages of smart locks are discussed to provide some references for consumers.


Reasons for choosing smart locks


        1.Compared to conventional lock systems, there are many advanced features.

Some of these features include: control from far away, changing the pin at any time, unlocking using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, unlocking using apps, and enhanced surveillance and security of your property.

        2.Never fish around for keys again

Purchase a small plug-in Wi-Fi bridge to connect the lock to your network, and you can lock or unlock your door from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

       3.Make a stylish first impression

Smart locks don’t have to be bulky or oddly shaped. Since these locks are attached to the internal latch of the door latch, the exterior of your door stays intact.

       4.Let in friends when you’re away

Smart locks are also more convenient for B&B owners, or those who have friends and family who frequent the property. It can update the lock code in time to ensure security.

        5.Keep your home secure

Smart locks require a connection to the network. Users need to update their applications to ensure the security of their passwords. This takes the hassle out of finding the key.


While most smart locks offer more convenience than traditional latch locks, they also have many drawbacks.

Smart locks are not without drawbacks

  1. The possibility of hacking

People sometimes overlook the fact that a smart lock is actually a small computer. Therefore it can be hacked. Hackers can potentially access your phone’s data and break in. Sometimes you have Bluetooth enabled and they can access the lock itself.

  1. Keys are more reliable

There is still no substitute for keys in many necessary places. Keys can provide more consistent security.

  1. Poor adaptability

Most smart locks only work with very specific styles of latches. Homeowners who purchase smart locks have to downgrade their bolt to a less secure model so it can be paired with their new smart lock.

If you have higher requirements for security, you can choose electronic key.The electronic key is a new type of lock that transfers the necessary working power of electronic locks to electronic keys. Electronic keys are kind of maintenance-free electronic locks with high cost performance.


  1. Vanma electronic locks have only two metal contacts on the lock face. This can avoid being technically opened like traditional mechanical locks, passive electronic locks do not have mechanical holes, thus eliminating the malicious opening of locks by others.
  2. Vanma electronic locks are easy to install. It uses a variety of standard sizes and is easy to retrofit. It requires no wiring and is easy to construct.
  3. Vanma electronic lockspower placed on the key is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, and retains the traditional unlocking method.

Whether a smart lock is worth the investment depends on your needs for the lock. If you want to get rid of the key smart locks you can choose smart locks. If you have higher requirements for lock security, Vanma Passive Lock is the right choice for you.


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