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Are Fingerprint Locks Worth Buying?

Humans have gone through THREE stages of development in their pursuit of the effectiveness and convenience of securing documents, transactions, and items.
The First stage is to use various mechanical keys that everyone is already familiar with.
The Second stage is digital keys such as passwords, barcodes, IC cards, IB cards, radio frequency cards, remote control, etc.
The Third stage is to use the inherent biometrics of the human body to identify and verify the identity.
Biometrics is the highest level of security key system in today’s digital life.
Due to the inherent non-replicable uniqueness of human characteristics, this biometric key cannot be copied, stolen, or forgotten. However, common passwords, RFID/IC cards, barcodes, magnetic cards, or keys have many disadvantages, such as loss, forgetting, duplication and theft.
So with fingerprint “keys”, you don’t need to carry a bunch of keys, and you don’t have to worry about remembering or changing passwords. And system administrators don’t have to worry about forgetting their passwords.

Fingerprint identification technology is the easiest and most mature biometric identification technology in biometric identification technology. Its application is also the most extensive. As the third-generation security product, the fingerprint lock breaks the function of single door opening of the mechanical lock in the traditional sense. It is a high-tech product integrating optical, mechanical, electronic, and fingerprint core algorithm technologies.

Fingerprint Padlock

【CONVENIENT】NO APP, NO Bluetooth, NO Keys, No Password!
【STURDY】Zinc alloy+stainless steel.
【MULTIPLE USERS】9 users+1 administer.
【IP65 WATERPROOF】Work indoor and outdoor.
【WIDELY USES】For gym, spa, or swimming pool for those lockers or for home or office closets.
Fingerprint Cabinet Security Locks

【Original Hole Installation】For Hole Diameter is 18mm and Panel Thickness is less than 22mm.
【2pcs Admin+18pcs User Fingerprints】Without downloading and installing App. No RPID cards/keychains, keys, or passwords.
【Zinc Alloy Material】Instead of fragile plastic, safer and more durable.
【Widely】For nightstand, single/double open cabinet, kitchen cabinet, hidden file cabinet, wine cabinet, shoebox locker, furniture cabinet, and so on.
【Protection】For personal items safety protection and Improves children’s safety at home.

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