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Are Electronic Door Locks Reliable?

Now is the age of technology, whether it is industry or our daily life, all aspects are affected by technology. Technology has now also entered the medium that people use to get in and out of and secure their homes – locks.

The latest types of electronic door locks include:

  • Biometric door lock: A lock that uses a fingerprint instead of a key to authorize the user’s entry and exit by scanning the user’s fingerprint
  • Key fob locks: These can also be called proximity locks. It replaces the traditional key with a proximity card or remote control, and when a nearby lock detects the remote-control key, it will send a signal to open the door. This is more widely used in garage door locks.
  • Smartphone-controlled keys: These locks use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, and users can control the door locks through their mobile phones without using a key. Some door locks can also be integrated with other smart homes in the home.
  • Surveillance lock: Its key is a password, which can only be opened by the user entering the password, and it also takes pictures of anyone who tries to open it and get in.

Are electronic door locks safe?

It is indeed safe, but not more secure than a normal mechanical lock, just more convenient. The advantage of electronic door locks compared to mechanical locks is that it is more convenient, and there is no need to worry about keys being copied or lost.

While lock picking may not be a daunting task for a thief, electronic door locks are often made of poor-quality materials like plastic that can easily be broken by intruders.

In addition, electronic door locks may not work properly for the following reasons:

  • Power outage
  • Circuit board failure, such as water ingress, etc.
  • The mobile phone (the key of the electronic door lock) is faulty, such as no electricity, etc.
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth failure

At this point, the homeowner usually needs to use a spare key to unlock the door.

The backup key slot in electronic locks can quite easily be exploited by intruders as any person who knows their way around a lock can use nothing but a paperclip to bypass an electronic lock via its backup key slot.

For businesses, is there a better solution?

Of course. In addition to the convenience of unlocking, electronic locks usually have other additional functions, such as recording the time of unlocking or locking, prohibiting access by some people, etc. These functions may not be useful for the home, but they are indeed very important for the business.

Vanma smart locks have both the advantages of electronic locks: additional functions, and the advantages of mechanical locks: no power is required, and it is not easy to be damaged. This is a perfect choice for businesses. It has the following functions:

  1. Lock or unlock records
    Many enterprises need to strictly control the time of unlocking or locking to prevent accidental or loss of equipment. Recording the time of unlocking or closing can find the corresponding employee in the event of an accident and confirm whether he should be held responsible.

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  1. Access authorization
    Businesses have many departments, each with different responsibilities, so knowing the areas they can enter can also better protect company assets. Managers can do this by authorizing the Vanma smart lock software.

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  1. Blacklist
    For businesses, the loss of keys is inevitable. If the key is lost in an important area, it may involve issues such as changing the lock, adding cost to the company, and difficulty in key management. But if the lost key is added to the blacklist, it will not have permission to unlock, which protects the company’s property.
  1. Stainless steel material
    The housing of some electronic locks may be made of plastic. But the Vanma smart lock is made of stainless steel and won’t be easily broken. In addition, the Vanma smart lock is different from the mechanical lock, it has no keyhole, and there will be no lock picking accident.
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