Are Access Door Locks Really Safe?

All the access door locks are locks that limit unwanted person access by using electronic controls. They provide users with permissions through key cards, key fobs, mobile access using smartphones, or other methods such as keyboards. They are widely used on the doors of various important places, such as banks, commercial buildings, warehouses, logistics, etc., but are they really safe enough?

access control lock

Sometimes, they do help limit access to others, but once more accurate lock records are needed, the function of such locks is far from enough; moreover, they control the lock electronically, and when the battery is low or the wire is damaged, the doors are at great risk; just in case, be sure to ditch access door locks with keyholes, anyway a skilled locksmith or lockpicking tool can pick them up.

If you are also using access door locks and have faced or are facing the problems mentioned above, then congratulations, you just found a lock management system that can perfectly solve the above problems – Vanma smart passive lock system.

Vanma used to be a professional mechanical lock manufacturer. With the continuous expansion of the lock application market, more and more customers put forward new demands, and mechanical locks are no longer the management method for higher security. Therefore, Vanma became a smart lock manufacturer, but not only a manufacturer, it also mainly provides special lock management systems for those companies that have a huge demand for security management.

How does it solve the above problems?

  • Record data of unlocking and locking. Vanma smart passive lock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. That only can be unlocked after the fingerprint verification is successful by the smart key. So the key and lock can record the person, time and place of locking and locking. Managers can query the record on the system software anytime.
  • Vanma smart passive lock has no wire, and no power needed.
  • Vanma smart passive lock has no keyhole. There is a position similar to a metal contact at the bottom of the lock, as long as the smart key is touched, it can be unlocked after the fingerprint verification is successful. Any locksmith tools can’t unlock it.

As a 20 years security management expert, we will provide a dedicated lock management system for you.

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