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Application of Vanma Passive Smart Lock System in Power Industry

The work of power system includes power generation, substation, transmission, distribution, etc. It has lots of equipment, various types of equipment, a wide distribution range and extensive daily maintenance work. So, it’s necessary to choose a high efficiency and security lock management system to manage so many locks of these equipment.


Traditional Lock Management System Has Following Problems:

  1. Huge potential risks brought by random unlocking. There are so many locks of various equipment, it’s difficult to control the person of unlocking.
  2. It’s difficult to trace the unlocking process. When an incident happens, manager is unable to know detailed information about the unlocking and locking process of relevant equipment, and who should be responsible for it.
  3. Traditional locks have low security. They are easy to be damaged and have short service life, which costs a lot of money of power companies.

Solution of Vanma Passive Smart Lock System:


1. Authorizing access before working and tracking records after working.

By adopting Vanma passive smart lock system, the employees of power system operation can be divided into four categories according to the nature of their work: system managers, general employees, maintenance employees, and patrol employees. The system managers have the highest authority to manage other employees in the system, including adding, deleting, modifying employees’ information and permissions.

When employees of different work need to work in a certain area, they should take out the smart electronic key corresponding to the area of work and be authorized by the manager in advance. Then they can unlock and work.

2. Record data of unlocking and locking process.

The locks and keys all can record the data of taking out and giving back of keys, and unlocking and locking process, including the place, time, and person,  And system software can generate a data record for traceability management.

3. Vanma smart lock is designed for the needs of high security.

  • Locks in power industry are mainly used outdoors, 304 stainless steel has excellent rust resistance.
  • The locks with IP67 protection standard can be completely waterproof and dustproof.
  • They have no keyhole and resist magnetical and technical unlocking.
  • Even if the key is lost, there is no need to replace the lock, only add the key to the blacklist in the system software, which can save a lot of money on annual locks replacement.

We also support customize lock management systems according to special needs of different industries. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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