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Application of Vanma Passive Smart Lock System in Communication Industry

If let me briefly introduce what changes the Vanma passive smart lock system can bring to your work, well, when you have a cup of coffee in the office, the system can help you easily check the work of the inspection employees on the previous day.


One day, one of the large communication companies in China contacted us, looking for a lock management system suitable for their business.

Their overall communication system of base station, communication optical cable handover and communication room has many pieces of equipment, various equipment, a wide distribution range, extensive daily maintenance work. In order to ensure the security and normal operation of these pieces of equipment, the company regularly arranges employees to inspect and repair them tin the corresponding responsible area. These pieces of equipment are locked with traditional mechanical locks to prevent them from being used or stolen by other people.


However, the company's managers have been upset by these problems:

  1. Low Cost-Performance:

Too many keys to manage. Once the key is lost, they have to change the lock, which takes lots of money every year of installation and labor expenses.

  1. Security Problem:

Traditional mechanical locks are easy to be picked, which causes a major security hazard to these important equipment.

  1. Management Problem:

There are many locks that were unlocked every day, but it is difficult to confirm who opened the locks. Once an incident occurs, it will take a lot of time and effort to confirm the responsible person.

The R&D team of Vanma lock management system immediately customized a special lock management system to solve these problems:

One key unlocks many locks. The smart key has a blacklist function. When the key is lost, managers can add it to the blacklist, even if someone picks up the key, the lock can’t be unlocked. This function can help the company save lots of unnecessary expenses.


Vanma Smart Lock is a mechanical lock with a smart built-in chip. It has no keyhole, which can prevent magnetical and technical unlocking. The electronic key has the function of fingerprint recognition, the lock only can be unlocked after the fingerprint verification is successful.


The lock and key can record data of unlocking process, including lock ID, time, person, place of unlocking and locking. After working, the employees give back the key to upload the data to the management software. Managers can check the data anytime, which greatly improves the working efficiency.


Vanma passive smart lock system supports to customize different types of locks to adapt to the harsh application environment, such as padlocks, handle locks, cabinet door locks, etc. If you have special needs, please feel free to contact us.

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