Application of Smart Lock Management System of State Grid Jiangsu Branch

With the deepening of the national smart grid construction, the structure of the power distribution network is becoming more and more complicated. There are more and more cabinets. And managing all kinds of power equipment is more difficult. The phenomenon of theft and destruction of outdoor equipment is becoming more and more serious. Increased difficulty in inspection and supervision.

Faced with these problems, how to improve the level of professional management are urgent.

In order to solve the management problems and improve the efficiency of patrol, the State Grid Jiangsu Branch introduced the JWM smart patrol system. Aiming at the key points of the safety work of distribution network operations, the system applies the mode of smart APP + smart Bluetooth electronic key, and cooperates with high-security smart electronic padlocks to ensure the safety of on-site operations, improve the operation efficiency, and realize the information management.

Issues that need resolving

1. The distribution network equipment is numerous and diverse, and the locations are scattered and difficult to manage.
2. Traditional locks cannot confirm the identity of the operator, and the work process cannot be tracked.
3. Unable to set unlock within specified time and testing equipment running.
4.Power equipment maintenance is not in place, and major accidents cannot be held accountable.


1. The smartelectronic key can be set into one key to open multiple locks through authority.
2. After the administrator authorizes, the maintenance personnel connect the mobile phone APP with the electronic key through the Bluetooth function.
3. The specified time period is set in the smartlock management software, and the patrol is required to be completed within the time period.
4. Maintenance personnel regularly unlock and inspect power equipment according to the company’s partol system requirements.

JWM smart electronic lock

JWM smart electronic lock adopts the most advanced Internet of Things technology and uses the passive design mode to apply electromechanical modules in various lock cores. It is simple and convenient to transform and upgrade the traditional mechanical lock into an smart eletronic lock. Through the unified authorization of informatization, the Internet of Things application system, which protects assets, supervises personnel and keeps records for inquiry, can adapt to the application of various doors in different occasions and achieve the purpose of unattended operation.

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