Application of Metro Security Passive Electronic Lock

Widely used in power control cabinet lock, power control box lock, network communication cabinet lock, access door lock, security lock, car control cabinet lock, air conditioning control door lock…


As a large-scale public transportation, subway rail transit undertakes the transportation work of urban traffic. Most of the urban rail transit is a closed channel network, and it is easy to be used by terrorists due to accidental disasters. The safe operation of rail transit is an important issue of great concern to rail transit application departments and public security departments.

At present, most of the equipment boxes, equipment cabinets, and equipment rooms of subway rail vehicles, security, automation control, lighting, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems do not have corresponding high-security measures for protection, monitoring, and supervision. Various types of locks are not unified, and the number of keys is huge. Difficult to manage, even many are not locked at all. There are great security risks and management loopholes in daily operation safety prevention, daily maintenance, and management…

The use of passive electronic lock system eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming wiring projects and does not require maintenance during daily use. Intelligent and digital supervision can be carried out on almost all existing parts that need supervision. According to the existing management mode, the electronic lock system can be deployed quickly and easily to directly replace the existing mechanical lock.

And through the opening and closing records in the electronic lock, the supervision is more accurate, the existing management mode is re-optimized, and a more scientific and strict security system plan and a management system for daily maintenance equipment can be formulated to reduce the daily operation management loopholes.

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