Application of Metro Security Electronic Lock

Metro rail transit, as a large-scale public transportation tool, undertakes the transportation work of urban traffic. Most of the urban rail transit is a closed channel network, and it is easy to cause losses to the public’s life and property safety due to accidental disasters. The safe operation of rail transit is an important issue of great concern to rail transit application departments and public security departments.

At present, most equipment boxes of subway rail vehicles, security, automation control, lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and equipment rooms do not have corresponding high-security measures to protect, monitor, and supervise. Various types of locks are not unified, and most of them use ordinary mechanical locks. For management, the number of keys is huge and difficult to manage, and it is impossible to accurately count usage information. There are great security risks and management loopholes in daily operation safety precautions, daily maintenance, and management…

The passive electronic lock system can be used for intelligent and digital management of almost all existing parts that need to be supervised. Since passive electronic locks do not require power supply, they are more suitable for underground transportation applications than some electronic access systems. There is no need for expensive and time-consuming wiring and no maintenance during daily use. According to the existing management requirements, the existing mechanical lock can be directly replaced with a passive electronic lock system quickly and conveniently. Through the passive electronic lock system, the unlocking authority can be set freely, and the unlocking time is effective to prevent others from entering and leaving at will. In addition, if you encounter an emergency during the operation of the subway, you need to temporarily open the door of the equipment box, etc., through the temporary authorization function of the Bluetooth key, you can remotely grant the user the unlocking authority, and the use method is more flexible.

Can be used as power control cabinet lock, network communication cabinet lock, access door lock, security door lock, air conditioning control door lock… And through the unlock record of the passive electronic lock system, the daily maintenance, and other operations can be strictly controlled and monitored, thereby reducing the management loopholes generated in the daily operation.

Features of passive electronic locks:

  • The passive electronic lock has no battery, no wiring, no external power cable, no maintenance, and all-weather waterproof and dustproof.
  • The electronic key has a unique 64-bit ID identification code in the world, which cannot be copied illegally and cannot be unlocked technically.
  • Set the unlocking authority freely according to the management requirements, you can bind users to it, and specify when and where the user can unlock.
  • The key (Bluetooth) unlocking authority can be granted remotely and temporarily.
  • Record the unlock lock information, and the responsibility can be traced back to the individual.

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