Application of Bank Passive Electronic Lock

The electronic lock system is suitable for the cash and bill management of various state-owned banks, commercial banks, joint-stock banks, postal savings…etc. Widely used in cash box, ATM cash box, automatic teller cabinet lock, ATM cabinet lock, automatic teller machine cash box, seal management box lock. Bill box lock, cash box lock, cash box lock, financial bill box lock, financial cabinet lock, access door lock…

In modern times where computer management systems are ubiquitous, most of the daily management of bank cash boxes, ATM cash boxes, and ATMs still use mechanical locks that are easy to replicate and cannot be effectively supervised. There are huge security loopholes in daily operations. Passive electronic locks can realize effective digital management of bank cash boxes between the vault and business outlets. Passive electronic lock can replace the existing mechanical lock, record and manage the business process of cash box entering and exiting the vault, ATM machine deposit, and replenishment process, through the electronic lock and smart digital key, record and manage the cash box of each business outlet, ATM automatic teller machine. Through digital technology, the system quickly collects, records, and manages the daily behavior information of various cash containers and ATM machines, avoids losses caused by human operation errors, improves the efficiency and safety of bank cash containers and ATM management, and enhances the bank’s integration Competitiveness.


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