Application of Airport Security Electronic Lock

Widely used in power control cabinet lock, power control cabinet lock, special vehicle lock, network communication cabinet lock, channel door lock, security lock, bonded warehouse lock, logistics warehouse lock, perimeter protection net door lock…….


Belongs to a large stream of people at the airport, the airport monitoring parts usually includes a terminal, the runway, taxiway and apron, airfield to isolate the key sections of the wall, passenger seeing-off hall, ticket office, the check-in counter, a passenger and luggage transport terminal, passenger departure sterile area, parking lot, perimeter surveillance and the position of the public security department think it is necessary to set up. At present, airports usually adopt video surveillance and general access control system to protect their security. Limited by the coverage of network and power system, the existing security system is still unable to achieve the maximum effective supervision, with a considerable risk of out-of-control supervision.

Since the “9.11” incident of the United States, a variety of aviation emergencies, terrorist activities, smuggling activities occur constantly, airport security is increasingly paid attention to by the government and the public. With the circulation of millions of passengers every year, airport security has once again become the focus of people’s attention. Therefore, the airport security needs to establish a safe, stable, convenient and fast security protection system to provide effective technical means for the airport security, which is of great significance to effectively combat social crimes, improve security level, ensure air defense security, and maintain social stability.

The use of a passive electronic lock system, no power connection, no wiring engineering, no maintenance in the process of daily use. Can be quickly deployed to the existing access roads, key facilities cabinets, operating platforms, transport vehicles… And so on the existing almost all facilities and equipment need to be supervised to achieve authorized access, daily maintenance records integrated management efficiency greatly enhanced. Can provide data interface, can be easily integrated into the existing security system, or independent operation as an important supplement to the existing security system. Through the record in the electronic key, the supervision can be more accurate, the existing management mode can be re-optimized, and a more scientific and rigorous security system plan can be developed to reduce the management loopholes in the daily operation.

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