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Application of Access Control System in Jewelry Stores

High-value inventory is always attractive to thieves, and jewelry stores are even more so. The pile of small and easy-to-carry goods that store these thousands of dollars is even more a dream for thieves. As the owner of a jewelry store, you need to pay attention not only to the alarm system, such as sensors, alarms, and surveillance cameras, but also to the access control system.

The Vanma smart lock system helps the owner of the jewelry store better manage the order in the store.

Use department: teller

Use area: warehouse, regional counters, such as platinum, gold, gold bars

Work process:

  • Before opening the store every morning, the teller goes to the office to pick up the key for the corresponding area.
  • After opening the store, receive customers and introduce jewelry to customers. When the customer has the jewelry that he likes, the teller opens the lock of the cabinet and tries on it for the customer. Close the cabinet lock in time after the try-on.
  • After closing the store, the employees returned the keys to the office. The manager manages the keys and reads the data of the day.
Jewelry Store

Use function

1. Two-way authentication

Vanma smart lock has a two-way authentication function. When unlocking, the key and the lock will perform two-way authentication. Only the certified key can be unlocked. It avoids people with bad intentions from stealing the keys and causing the loss of the jewelry store.

2. Unlock record

Vanma smart lock can record the time and personnel of the lock, which is also an important function for jewelry stores. By recording the time and frequency of unlocking, you can infer which categories of jewelry are more popular. When a safety accident occurs, the switch lock record can also be used as evidence for accountability.

3. Blacklist

The blacklist function of the Vanma smart lock makes the loss of the key no longer a problem. Once the key is lost in the jewelry store, the lock must be replaced immediately, which increases the cost. The blacklist function can avoid this situation. Once the key is added to the blacklist, the key will not have the authority to unlock any locks. Even if it is picked up by others, it will not cause damage to the jewelry store’s property.

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