Analysis and Control Scheme of Hidden Trouble of Door Lock in Railway Protection Net

Security issues in the retail industry can cost companies billions of dollars each year. Risks in the retail industry usually appear in two areas: data breaches and physical theft. In order to properly protect your business, you must first understand the risks involved.

railway fence


General railway protection net /km will be set up a protection door and should be the protection of the door. In practical use, it was a common padlock and the gate locks were not completely waterproof during the rainy season and easily rusted and our tour inspectors had no way of breaking in themselves. There is also no way to avoid anti-technology unlock. Every year there are hundreds of locks that cannot be opened and those damaged by disasters. It is very troublesome to replace the new lock. At the same time, the current lock has no way of confirming when the inspectors opened it when they closed it, or whether they closed it. The whole lock control can not form a system, forming a closed-loop of management. Over time, unnecessary safety hazards will naturally form.

Governance Scheme

JWM intelligent passive electronic lock is composed of three parts: stainless steel padlock, intelligent key, and management software. First of all, stainless steel padlock can be completely waterproof to eliminate the problem of rust. Each lock has a unique ID number that cannot be copied, corresponding to the matching information set in the software. Where is it installed? When will it be installed? What’s the corresponding number? Itinerant inspectors can open all the locks they want with only one key, and they can set the key, take out time, return time, and work time by software to have access to the lock. The management software will automatically record the lock opening time, lock locking time, and the corresponding personnel. Such a system completely solves the lock control problem that we have struggled to manage for many years.

With the rapid development of China’s high-speed rail, the operation safety of high-speed rail is becoming more and more important. Guarding the final safety net is the most favorable guarantee for high-speed rail operation.

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