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An Easier Way to Secure Work in Healthcare Facilities

An Easier Way to Secure Work in Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare facilities and services face a variety of security challenges. Securing assets, medications and critical data in hospitals is of high priority. Additionally, securing and monitoring the use of narcotics in mobile healthcare services can be challenging. Healthcare services require an access control solution that provides security at all locking points while tracking and controlling access to critical areas. With mechanical locking systems, there are many practical challenges that reduce security levels and increase costs and administration time.
There are some medicines and medical morphine in each case, which will be used when paramedics are out for an emergency. As mentioned above the management of all medical drugs is very important, the use of them requires special attention. It must be realized how to know when, where and by whom this Pelican case be used.
Easily implement any access control need with the Vanma Electromechanical Access Control System.

Benefit of Vanma Solution

A single key for all access points

Instead of a traditional keychain, an electronic key can be used to unlock all the locks under the permissions, avoiding the problem of employees carrying too many keys, resulting in cluttered keys and difficult management. At the same time, a lock can also be unlocked by multiple electronic keys, which is convenient for multiple enterprises or departments to work together.

Personalized access

According to the different responsibilities of the employee, the administrator can give the user key different permissions, specific to a certain person, a certain period of time, and a certain lock. Management is more flexible and meets actual needs.

Cancel access for lost keys

Lost keys can be swiftly disabled, avoiding the problem of changing locks due to lost keys, and saving operating costs.

Provide unlock records

Managers can view the unlocking records through the Vanma management software, and clarify the unlocking person and unlocking time. When problems arise, employee responsibility can be traced back to the records.

Strong and durable

Vanma lock corrosion resistance standard with an IP67 rating to guarantee maximum protection. And it can work normally even in rainy and snowy weather.

Easy to install

Vanma locks do not require power wiring, and the installation process is the same as mechanical locks, saving time and being more cost-effective.

Tailor-made solutions

Support locks, software, and system integration customization to meet the customization needs of different customers.
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