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Advantages of Smart Lock Access Control

In a shared office or living space, do you feel insecure about keeping important documents in a drawer? Don’t feel safe wherever you put your personal belongings? Too much for a safe? Intelligent lock access control system, easy to encrypt privacy. When you go out, you can also understand the state of the lock. When the mode is abnormal, there will be a warning push to notice.

Nowadays, smart locks access control have gradually entered millions of households, and they are more and more popular with young users. It replaces the status of mechanical lock in life little by little.

Intelligent lock access system refers to a improved smart lock management system in aspect of user security, identification, management based on traditional mechanical locks.At present, the Bluetooth smart lock is the mainstream product of smart lock. Compared with traditional mechanical locks and other smart locks, the Bluetooth smart lock has the following advantages:

Lower Consumption

BLE Bluetooth’s standby time is very long. Bluetooth smart locks on the market basically use dry batteries to power, while BLE low -power Bluetooth modules have ultra -low power consumption in broadcasting, transmission, standby and sleep mode. The Bluetooth module is sleeping. The power consumption is only 0.45ua AVG.

Reduce Corporate Operating Costs

Because the low efficiency of staff’s work by using mechanical lock  outdoors, enterprises have to invest a large amount of manpower to maintain regularly for outdoor equipment to ensure the normal progress of the work. The use of Bluetooth intelligent locks can be intelligently monitored, unlock the door through mobile phone, and using sensors for environmental monitoring, it can effectively improve the work efficiency of staff and reduce the employment cost of the enterprise.

Convenient and Flexible

The authorized unlocking through the mobile app can completely replace all the functions of the electronic lock, and also allows the maintenance personnel to throw away a lot of keys. At the same time, there is also a record of the case every time it is unlocked or locked. If there is a problem, it is easy to trace back to the relevant responsible person.

In addition, compared to other smart door lock, there is a specific Bluetooth protocol. In terms of communication, it could set different password protocols for different users to improve confidentiality.

At present, the competition in smart locks is gradually fierce, but the market is large, and it seems to be in the Blue Ocean Market. There is still a lot of room for development for many industries, such as industry, stadium, electricity, and so on.

Smart lock assess control
Smart lock assess control
Smart lock assess control

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