Advantages of Electronic Key Access Control

Have you ever encountered an intruder in an unmanned site? When your employees accidentally take a bunch keys home, then you will know how difficult it is to deal with physical security issues.


A lost key is a huge risk if it falls into the wrong hands, and it can become quite expensive to replace all the locks it can operate. When security issues arise, it is much better to be prepared than to have to make up for any losses. Having a well-designed electronic access control system is much more effective than having a security guard on each door. The security is still human, and people are prone to make mistakes.

Compared with traditional locks and keys, electronic access control systems have many advantages. When considering your user access control options, there are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

1. Electronic keys are difficult to copy
Although physical keys can be easily copied, copying electronic keys requires a higher degree of complexity. This makes your access to the system more secure than using physical keys.

As long as you continue to use traditional locks and keys to protect your website, you will never know how many unauthorized copies have been made or who holds them.

2. You never have to change locks
If you lose the traditional key, the only way to stay safe is to replace all the locks it can access.Locksmiths are expensive, especially when they are asked to change keys urgently. If an employee misplaces the key ring, if these keys fall into the wrong hands, the security of the entire site will be threatened.

If you lose the multi-site key, the cost can quickly become ridiculously high. Imagine the cost of losing a whole ring of keys at multiple sites, and the need to replace multiple locks at sites.The key and lock controlled electronic lock means you never have to change the lock at your site. When the key is lost, just disable its unlocking authority.

If an employee leaves your company, his or her access rights can be removed within a few seconds. This greatly reduces the overall risk you face and improves safety.With physical locks and keys, your choice of user-level access rights is severely restricted. Therefore, if only authorized users can enter your facility, your security level will be high.

3. One key unlock multiple locks
Every time a technician forgets to bring the front door key when getting in the car, the technician must drive back to the office, pick up the key, and then drive all the way back to the scene. If the technology just picks up the wrong key, the same situation can happen, because large organizations will have at least dozens of similar-looking keys.

With electronic access control, your single key allows you to lock and unlock every door lock you need to access. If you arrive at the site you need to visit and you do not have the unlocking authority, the electronic key can be used in conjunction with the mobile APP to send the access authority to the technician in real time.

4. Real-time authorization
If something unexpected happens and you want to allow access to the site immediately, you cannot do it with a traditional physical lock.If a technician needs additional access rights to deal with on-site emergency situations, you can use the Web-based electronic key management system to update his or her rights.

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