Advantages and Disadvantages of Two New Cabinet Locks

With the rapid development of the electric power industry, the traditional mechanical door lock has been unable to meet the safety management of such a large scale of power station cabinet cabinet.

Plan A :

Introduction of the new cabinet lock scheme: the induction door lock can be used with the traditional lock and the same three-connected mechanical structure, to achieve three-point lock, the position of the cabinet door respectively on, in, under the completion of the lock. During the design, the handle can be self-locked when the door is locked to ensure that the idle personnel cannot touch the handle at will. Advanced microcomputer control is adopted to ensure the use of safe and reliable dc power supply control, without the need to buy batteries. Lock core: to open the lock in two independent ways. Achieve electromechanical control, electronic control when the actuator is driven by an imported micromotor, high reliability.

Advantages :

1. Easy to use: non-contact IC card reading and writing is very simple, do not need to fix the direction and position, easy to use the cardholder, do not contact with the cabinet, can not produce the risk of electric shock.

2. Safe and reliable: each card reading process conforms to the three times of DES encryption of ISO/ IEC 9789-2 standard: each card is burned with an unchangeable unique number when it is delivered, and the unique key corresponding to the card and the reading and writing device can be set for each user.

3. High anti-interference: non-contact has an anti-conflict mechanism, which can prevent data interference between CARDS when multiple CARDS enter the working range of the reader and allow multiple CARDS to operate at the same time.

Disadvantages :

Expensive and complex wiring.

Plan B :

By management software + APP to authorization of bluetooth electronic key, the key according to the permission to open the passive electronic lock, at the same time collect and maintain records every time the lock operation. A key to open the lock, lock records report management, level 3 password to resist technology, hierarchical management layers of control, the working process of the supervision and inspection personnel, really realize the job site. The intellectual and scientific property safety and equipment safety management.

Advantages :

1. No wiring, easy installation.

2. The power supply is not on the lock but on the key, which is easy to maintain.

3. When communicating with the electronic key, there are multiple layers of interactive communication and verification process, so as to achieve more safety, more reliable, correct opening rate, no reopening rate (mechanical lock has re-opening rate), and can realize a key to unlock multiple locks.

4. Affordable price, suitable for mass replacement of traditional mechanical lock.

JWM intelligent electronic cabinet lock, no matter what kind of way to open the lock, all need to be authorized by the administrator, otherwise can not unlock the lock, which is also the advantage of intelligent cabinet lock. The intelligent cabinet lock adopts hexadecimal 12-digit code, three-layer password and protocol protection, which cannot be cracked at present. In the case of a lost key, the administrator can delete the operation in the background, even if someone else found the key can not open the lock. And with waterproof, dustproof effect, completely suitable for outdoor installation application.

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