Access Control System of Child Development Center

Child development centers are common in all cities. They provide preschool and childcare services to provide children with a safe learning environment. Previously, child development centers used traditional mechanical locks, which brought a lot of unnecessary trouble to the staff.

Child Development Center

Their troubles:

  1. Staff often lose keys. Every time the key is lost, the lock needs to be replaced, which increases the cost.
  2. The key is easy to be copied. It is very easy to copy the keys of traditional mechanical locks. This is not what the managers of the Child Development Center hope to see. This will increase safety risks.
  3. The key cannot be retrieved. When the children leave the child development center forever, the staff are often unable to collect the keys in the hands of their parents. This means that parents can open the door of the child development center at any time.

After using the Vanma smart lock system, these problems are easily solved.

Vanma’s solution:

  1. Blacklist. The manager can add the lost key to the blacklist. As long as the key is added to the blacklist, the lost key will not have the authority to unlock any lock.
  2. The key cannot be copied. Vanma smart lock is different from mechanical lock, it does not have a keyhole in the traditional sense. All locks and keys are the same. They exchange information through metal contacts to confirm that the key can open the lock.
  3. Authorization is granted. Vanma smart locks can grant permissions to keys. If the child withdraws from the remedial class, the manager can cancel the authority of the key on behalf of the child. Prevent parents from giving the keys to malicious people.

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