Access Control System in Public

Government services are the interface between the country and the people, and they must set a safety example. Therefore, they have very strict requirements on the access control system. As a public service, they also need to ensure maximum safety for officials and users. In the end, they decided to choose Vanma smart lock system as their access control system.

Access Control System in Public Space

The difficulties they encountered:

1. Multi-activity structure access control

There are many infrastructures managed by local authorities, from city halls to stadiums, swimming pools, concert halls, and even schools. And these basic settings also include many important spaces, such as archive rooms, storage rooms for swimming pool chlorine products, and computer rooms for IT services.
2. Vulnerability in public places
Many infrastructures under the control of local authorities are usually open to the public and have a large flow of people. In addition, multiple service providers (cleaners, maintenance technicians, and delivery personnel) visit these sites. This makes the access control system vulnerable.

Vanma’s solution:

  1. No wiring required. Vanma smart locks can directly replace mechanical locks without wiring or changing the appearance of the door. This makes it suitable for any architectural style, whether it is a gymnasium or a swimming pool, or other buildings.
  2. Flexible Authorization. The administrator can grant different authorization to different people in the smart lock system, and even specify their access time. In addition, managers can also set up a key with all authorization and put it in the police station or fire brigade for backup. In the event of an emergency, they can directly unlock the lock with the key to save time.
  3. Blacklist. The administrator can add the lost key to the blacklist in the system. The key in the blacklist will not have any permission to unlock any lock.

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