Access Control System in Gym

For gyms, extending business hours can make more money. However, if it is ensured that many employees are present 24 hours a day, it will waste manpower and increase costs. But after using the Vanma smart lock system, only a few people can complete the management of the gym.

Can I control the time when the custom gets into the facility?

Yes. You can allow customers to enter the gym at a designated time. For example, you might allow access for only certain membership types or only those members who pay an extra fee each month for after-hours access.

Can I control who can access into special areas of the gym, liking tanning?

Yes. The flexible authorization function of Vanma smart lock is very powerful. You can set the key arbitrarily. When the key is allowed to open the designated lock in the system, it will have the authority to open the lock. E.g.:

  • Only men are allowed to open the passage of men’s locker rooms; women are allowed to open the passage of women’s locker rooms to restrict the gender of customers and protect their privacy.
  • Only those who have purchased the tanning room service are allowed to enter the tanning room, and they are granted access to their keys.
  • Control access to the aerobic area behind the swimming pool area separated from the main facilities. It is open to those who purchase the service.

In other words, the customer can use a key to unlock all the doors for which he has permission. There is no need to carry multiple keys, which is more convenient for customers.

Can the customer copy the key?

No. Vanma smart lock system is passive electronic lock, which are different with normal key, it can not be copy. When unlock the lock, it will go through two-way authentication. Only copying the shape of the key cannot unlock the lock.

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