Access Control System in Coworking & Co-living

Now the concept of joint office has been accepted by most people, and more and more freelancers choose joint office. When it comes to going to work, one of the inevitable problems is commuting time. The Assemblage company spied on business opportunities from it.

Their idea is to create a coworking & co-living area. They have three floors of work space and 80 hotels/short-term rental apartments. The apartment is very close to the co-working space, a 10-minute walk away. This allows them to save more commuting time to ensure their good sleep.

Coworking & Co-living

Before using Vanma smart lock, they encountered the following problems:

  1. Access control. Not everyone who uses co-working has decided to live in an apartment in Assemblage, so there must be a distinction in access rights. The company can only issue three keys to guests, one for the door of the workspace, one for the door of its own office space, and one for its own living area. This is very inconvenient for them, and they need to distinguish between the keys before use.
  2. The loss of key. Three keys per person increase the chance of losing the keys. The lock needs to be replaced after the key is lost, otherwise, it will increase security risks. However, because it is a shared space, the loss of keys involves replacing the keys in other people’s hands, which can easily cause confusion in the keys and make it impossible to open the door.
  3. Wiring. Usually, the wiring in the office cooperation space is complicated and not suitable for wiring. Ordinary smart locks will hinder the use of the studio when wiring, and cause inconvenience to guests.

Vanma smart lock solution:

  1. Flexible authorization. The administrator can set permissions for the key in the Vanma smart lock system. Ordinary users will be granted access to the door and their workspace. Users who live in apartments will be granted permissions for apartments and co-working spaces at the same time.
  2. One key opens multiple locks. After the manager’s authorization is completed, the user can use the same key to open the door of the apartment and the co-working space.
  3. Blacklist. When the user loses the key, the manager only needs to report the loss of the corresponding key in the system. The lost key will not have any authority to open the lock.
  4. No wiring is required. Vanma smart lock is a passive electronic lock, the power supply is installed in the key. The installation method is the same as the ordinary mechanical lock, and the process only takes 1 minute.

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