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Access Control System for School

Whether it is for the principal or for the security company, developing a security plan for school has always been a headache. Because it needs to be balanced. For students, parents and trusted community visitors, the school should be a welcoming and supportive open environment. For those who may be malicious, the school should be a closed environment.

There have been several large-scale gun incidents or threats of violence in schools recently. Without proper security upgrades, any school is unsafe.


Existing mechanical lock system:

Most schools now use simple keys to lock classrooms, gates and supply cabinets. But there will be many security risks.

  1. Unable to control and track who owns what keys
  2. Inability to understand when people left campus and where they entered

For schools, these are safety hazards. The best solution to these problems is to use the Vanma smart lock system.

Why does Vanma Smart Lock work well?

  1. Temporary access rights

    Over time, contractors or suppliers may need to access school facilities, which requires temporary permissions for them. In addition, classroom assistants will also need temporary permissions.Vanma smart lock can control the access time. When issuing keys for them, different unlocking times can be granted according to their identities. For example, the contractor can only visit the school during the construction period, and the classroom assistant can only visit the school during the school time period every day. Once the specified time is exceeded, the key will not be able to open any locks.

  1. Audit trail

    The Vanma smart lock system can track which employees have entered your building at what time. It can play a very good role whether it is to check in the clock or manage the whereabouts of employees. This is much easier than manual sign-in to achieve the purpose of tracking.

  1. Restrict access to space

    Different employees and suppliers have different responsibilities. Preventing them from entering other places without permission is one of the important means to protect campus safety. Vanma smart lock can restrict unlocking permissions. For example, gymnasium contractors can only visit the building where the gymnasium is located, and cannot approach the teaching building.

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