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Access Control or Traditional Lock Which Is Better?

Thanks to technological advancements, the safety concept has been substantially upgraded. We have transitioned from the age of mechanical locks to the age of electronic locks and even access control systems. However, choosing the system that works best for you requires an understanding of how both technologies work.

What is a traditional lock?

Includes mechanical locks with solid metal deadbolts, knob locks, levers, etc. Their presence is always combined with the physical key. Mechanical locks are easy to install and can be easily accessed from most places.. However, their keys can be easily duplicated. Anyone with a key can open the mechanical lock, even if the key is lost.
The only advantage of mechanical locks is the affordable cost, if your security requirements are not very complicated, mechanical locks can meet your needs well.

Electronic locks

Electronic door locks can better control people entering and leaving the premises, thereby improving security and traceability. Most electronic door locks use a key card or RFID card, as well as fingerprint/iris technology for verification operations.
Although more expensive than traditional locks, electronic locks are a better choice.

What is access control?

Access control is a comprehensive security system, When we talk about physical access control systems, we usually mean electronic security systems. Authorize people to enter certain areas. And, because they can record who visited when and where, they can provide valuable data to help you track building and ground usage. By using an electronic access control system, you can avoid the disadvantages of using mechanical keys and gain more control.

Who has access

For example, you might only want to allow unlimited access to employees. And you want visitors and contractors to report to reception when they arrive.

Which doors they can enter

You may only want certain people to enter certain areas. For example, you only want to allow technicians to enter your office.

When can they access

Contractors and junior employees can only enter in their standard shift mode, while senior employees can enter the building at any time.

Is access control an inevitable trend?

The benefits offered by modern access control systems are very obvious. They contain all the features of traditional and electronic locks and take security to a significant level. In addition, the access control system improves access control standards through the use of identity permission restrictions, so that access is authorized, and access is prohibited without permission.

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