Access Control Management for Water Companies

The water company is responsible for supplying clean water. But there are also many potential threats when it comes to water supply, from intentional contamination to equipment theft to terrorism. This is very troublesome for the people at the water management company. In order to reduce losses and prevent terrorism, the company decided to introduce an access control system.

Water Company


  1. The water utility is divided into two locations, one for water production and the other for drainage. The two places are far apart, but the same access control system must be used, otherwise it will bring extra trouble to the staff.
  2. For very sensitive places, the company cannot guarantee whether anyone has entered without permission, nor can it guarantee whether the facilities inside are damaged.
  3. The water company has contractors, and contractors are constantly changing. Therefore, if you choose an access control system, you need to be able to flexibly issue access authorization
  4. Each employee carries many keys, which is a burden for those with higher authority. To simplify this hassle, administrators hope the new access control system will solve the problem

Vanma Smart Lock Solutions:

1. Passive electronic lock

Passive electronic locks do not require wiring, which is very suitable for scenarios such as factories that occupy a large area and are inconvenient for wiring. And Vanma smart locks don’t require a WiFi link, so there’s no need to worry even if the two factories are not in the same geographic location, they share an access control system.

2. Flexible licensing

The Vanma smart lock has an authorization function, and only the authorized key can open the corresponding door lock. This solves the problem of people entering sensitive places at will.

In addition, Vanma smart lock can also set permission time. Not just the date, but the time. For example, for a supplier, a manager can set its permissions to July 12 to July 18, and set the time to 9 am to 3 pm.

3. One key opens multiple locks

Managers can authorize multiple locks for the same key, so employees only need to carry one key with them when they go to work.

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