Access and Key Control System of Metro

Current problems:

The lock system is widely used in the metro transit system. Most of the ordinary mechanical lock with zinc alloy and copper, quality is not as good as stainless steel lock, long-term use in the ground is easy to rust corrosion, short service life, poor security. On the other hand, once the key is lost, in order to maintain the security of the system, it is necessary to replace the lock, and the cost will be huge.

Solution: JWM smart lock access control system

Stainless steel material, waterproof grade Ip68
The intelligent electronic lock lock body uses the stainless steel material, the material is stronger, from the security, is not easy to be picked, more reliable, from the economic cost, the intelligent electronic lock can be used in all kinds of harsh environment and extreme weather, the service life is longer.

Installation without cabling, low cost and high security
No wiring, no maintenance, easy installation, greatly reduce the impact on people’s travel.

Flexible authorization
Electronic key according to the management authority to unlock, can be specific to someone, a period of time, a lock, flexible management, to meet the actual needs.

Unable to copy
Electronic key uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification(key and lock), cannot be copied.

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