Access and Key Control System of Chapel

Current problems:

Chapel safety has always been a public concern. There is crowded in the chapel that a little carelessness can lead to theft. The traditional key is easy to be copied, once the key is obtained by the criminals, it may cause economic property loss, and even harm public security. Besides, there are many rooms and keys in the church, and a large number of keys are difficult to manage. It is not clear who took the keys, whether they are returned or lost, and it is an extra cost to rematch the keys. So in order to ensure the security of the chapel, a high-security access control system is very necessary.

Solution: JWM smart lock access control system

Record the unlock lock information
The electronic key has the function of storing information and can record the action and time information of each unlock lock, and the responsibility can be traced back to the individual.

Unable to copy
Electronic key uses electronic encryption technology, two-way verification(key and lock), cannot be copied.

Flexible authorization
The electronic key according to the management authority to unlock, can be specific to someone, a period of time, a lock, flexible management, to meet the actual needs.

Free professional intelligent management platform
Through the platform, management personnel can manage locks, keys, information of the staff, whom and where to open the lock at a glance, management is easier.

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