Access and Key Control of the Server Rack Cabinet

Current problems:

Because the server room is an important place to collect information, in order to avoid someone to enter the server room without permission to modify the file information, So the managing work of the employee can not slack off, to constantly monitor and control. But because the key is tedious, often can lose damage and can not be replaced in time. Therefore, it is very helpful for managers to introduce a high-security access control system. On the one hand, in order to visit the user application management, understand who and when the lock records, convenient employee management, improve the security of the system. On the other hand, in order to facilitate key management, prevent the loss of capital caused by a large number of lock changes after key loss.

Solution: JWM smart lock access control system

Easy installation, no wiring required
The process of changing the lock is simple and convenient without a high wiring cost. Reduce the use cost.

Unlock requires authorization and can be unlocked for a specific period of time
People with keys are given access to certain areas at certain times.

The unlocking record is visible in the backstage and the responsibility is traced back to the individual
The intelligent electronic lock system is equipped with a free professional intelligent management platform, through which managers can manage the information of locks, keys, and staff. Who, when and where to unlock the lock at a glance, responsibility traced back to the individual.

Keys cannot be copied
Electronic keys adopt electronic encryption technology, two-way (key and lock) verification, can not be copied.

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