Access and Key Control of School

Current problems:

The school needs an access control system to determine when and who enters the classroom and office space. Many schools use traditional mechanical locks, which require a large number of keys. Every time a key is lost, the school has to reconfigure the key for the classroom, resulting in additional costs. ; On the other hand, these keys can be easily copied and are extremely insecure.

Solution: JWM smart lock access control system

Easy installation, no wiring required

The process of changing the lock is simple and greatly reduces the impact on the class.

Unlock requires authorization and can be unlocked for a specific period of time

People with keys are given access to certain areas at certain times.

The unlocking record is visible in the backstage and the responsibility is traced back to the individual

The intelligent electronic lock system is equipped with a free professional intelligent management platform, through which managers can manage the information of locks, keys, and staff. Who, when and where to unlock the lock at a glance, responsibility traced back to the individual.

Keys cannot be copied

Electronic keys adopt electronic encryption technology, two-way (key and lock) verification, can not be copied.

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