A Design Guide For Server Room Facilities

The role of the server room is to act as the management center to manage all the network server resources of the organization. Therefore, stable operation is the key to ensuring the normal operation of the entire organization. To ensure the safe operation of the server, in this confined space, we must consider the network connection and power supply, room temperature control and ventilation, the safety of the rack in the computer room, fire prevention, earthquake resistance, etc.

Network Connection and Power


Structured cable management, including installation and labeling. Proper and tidy installation not only eliminates potential hazards due to accidental disconnection but also facilitates the addition and removal of new equipment at a later date.

Server-size UPSs come with internal or external battery cabinets that can be protected by an onboard backup generator or used to deal with extended power outages.

Cooling and Temperature Monitoring Systems

For a small computer room with only one server and some switches, cooling equipment is not a piece of necessary equipment. But for larger data centers, sophisticated cooling equipment, and temperature monitoring are essential. High-density servers can cause the local temperature to rise rapidly, even causing a fire within a few minutes.
A dedicated cooling and temperature monitoring system is the best option, rather than one that supplies the entire building. This is because systems throughout a building tend to run when the building is open (weekdays) rather than 24/7 (including weekends). Why is this important? IT servers are often not powered even if they are not fully utilized, and outside of working hours, such as weekends or bank holidays, indoor ambient temperatures can rise.

Security Systems

Fire Suppression and Smoke Alarms

Monitoring server rooms with environmental monitoring systems can reduce the likelihood of a fire breaking out quickly. Smoke and fire detection can be used as an environmental monitoring system for early warning of fires. In the event of a fire, automatic fire extinguishers or local fire extinguishers are also necessary equipment.

Server rack electronic lock system

Server rooms often require tight controls. Once some parts are damaged or lost, the whole system will not work normally. The electronic lock of the server rack is a necessary control device. When the equipment needs to be repaired, the management personnel can authorize the designated maintenance personnel, and the maintenance personnel can use the electronic key to carry out the maintenance work at a specific time. At the same time, managers can also remotely view the records of personnel unlocking and closing. When an accident occurs, the responsibility can be traced efficiently
Vanma passive electronic lock as the electronic lock of the server rack can perfectly realize intelligent lock management and make the equipment in the server room run more safely.

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