4 Entry Options for Different Access Control Lock

When you walk to the door, you suddenly realize that you have no key. When you are doing maintenance work, the cabinet door closed inadvertently. This embarrassing scene often occurs in our lives.

Although these types of situations are difficult to deal with, with the development of technology, people have designed many different access control locks, and various methods can be used to unlock them.

1. Biometric

A biometric access control system is a safe choice. They are unlocked by authentication, which can maximize the safety of buildings. The most common biometric methods include fingerprint recognition and face recognition. Managers can know whenever and whoever enters your building.

2. Keypads

This type of access control lock only needs to enter a password on the keyboard to quickly enter the building. Electronic keyboards are usually powered by batteries and can be lit by touching. It is guaranteed that the password can still be quickly and accurately entered after dark. When there is no specific personnel to replace the power supply of the electronic lock in time, we have to use the spare key to unlock it. At this point, we can use a mechanical keyboard lock to replace the electronic lock.
But both have an unavoidable question: Once someone leaves the company unless you change your password, they can still access your building.

keypad access control lock

3. Intercoms

The intercom system is usually equipped with video functions to enhance the security of access control. After verifying the identity of the personnel outside the door, the main user can press the unlock button in the room to open the door lock
intercom access control lock

4. Smart Locks

In today’s world, there are a variety of smart devices that can be used with mobile phone applications, including access control locks. You could unlock the door lock remotely or set permissions for somebody or keys.

It’s more convenient for you to manage your lock and track the building when you are far away.

smart access control lock

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