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3 Types of Cabinet Locks

3 Types of Cabinet Locks

Most cabinets have a lock to protect the stored items, these locks are often called cabinet locks. Types of cabinet locks are different, and there are 3 common types in our daily life. Of course, they can not only be used in cabinets, but also in other places, as you can learn from this article.

1. Cam Locks

The cam lock is the most common type of cabinet lock. The price of ordinary cam locks is usually very cheap, not more than 20 dollars. With the development of technology, people invented the fingerprint cam lock, they are no different in security, but the fingerprint cam lock is more convenient to unlock.

When the cabinet is locked, the cam is horizontal and is fitted into the strike plate attached to the cabinet frame. When the key turns the cam, it becomes vertical, allowing the cabinet to be opened.

The fingerprint cam lock works the same way. After authenticating the fingerprint, turn the cam lock and the cabinet will be allowed to open.

fingerprint cabinet lock

2. Deadbolt Locks

This is a widely used lock, not only for cabinets but also for exterior doors. The locking mechanism revolves around a cylinder that runs directly through your door and has a keyhole on the outside.

There are two types of latches: single cylinder and double cylinder. The difference between them is that you need to use the key several times. Single-cylinder locks only require the key when you are outside the door, while double-cylinder locks require the key to open whether you are outside or inside the door. A double cylinder lock would be more secure, but also more dangerous in the event of an emergency. Because in the event of a fire or earthquake, you may be so panicked that you don’t have time to find your keys.

But it is the same as the cam lock, the deadbolt lock has also been developed with a fingerprint unlocking method, which is more convenient when unlocking.

3. Combination Locks

The combination lock requires a series of numbers, letters, or symbols to open, and these combinations replace the key. When we turn the dial on the combination lock, it is linked to the rotating dials of the inner disc, and the cabinet can only be opened when all the scales are turned to the correct position.

It has a wide range of applications and can be used in cabinets, briefcases, luggage, and bicycle locks. Some notebooks also have combination locks, and people usually use these notebooks to write some journals. Combination locks are also used in safes and lockers, but these application scenarios usually use electronic combination locks with more combinations.

Combination Locks

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