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3 Measures to Protect the Data Center

Datacenter security is not only determined by network security, physical security is equally important. If an accident such as a power failure occurs, it may cause irreparable losses.

Protect the Data Center

1. The latest access list permissions

The data center access policy absolutely determines who has the right to enter certain areas of the facility and store some valuable data and applications. Managers need to create a list of who are allowed to use servers or other hardware in the organization. Third-party vendors may also be included in these lists. There should be as few people on the list as possible to reduce security breaches and potential human error.

Regular updates are also particularly important. In an organization, people’s positions cannot be static. When positions change, access requirements will also change. In addition, if the service provider is changed but the access list is not changed in time, it may cause irreparable losses.

Vanma smart lock can update the list at any time, easy to operate.

2. Multiple authentication

It is the safest way to require visitors to provide more than one form of access authentication to prove their identity. Merely providing a single ID or password is not enough to access key ID assets. The more forms of authorization are required, the more difficult it is to forge an identity.

Vanma smart lock can not only perform fingerprint authentication, but also time authentication. In other words, only the visitor can unlock the lock after passing fingerprint verification within a specified time, which further protects the security of the computer room.

3. Audit records

Audit records are an essential function. It can record who enters where at what time. This function may not be useful in normal times, but if a safety incident occurs, these records will be particularly expensive. Because people can find the person closest to the accident based on the audit records.

Vanam smart lock has an audit function, which can automatically organize data into reports for managers to view.

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